Ferrari Dino 246 GT (1972) #05214

Chassis #05214 was supplied as a UK RHD model by Maranello Concessionaires - Egham in 1972 and sold to its first owner for the princely sum of £4,129.50. From 1972 onwards the car passed through a number of owners and was even subject to a light restoration in the early 1990’s.

In 2001 the Dino was acquired by a Belgian Gentleman becoming part of a private collection and kept for 11 years in a Brussels Motor Museum. The car was not started or properly maintained in this time and as a result its condition started to deteriorate both mechanically and aesthetically.

Following the death of its owner, the Dino was purchased by a dealer and subsequently saved from the museum and shipped back to the UK in 2012. Upon arrival, the dealer decided to restore the car – whilst being parked up on a main road. The current owner happened to see the car having its paint being crudely removed with a grinder and decided he had to step in. He described the car as a “shell and bag of bits” but willingly offered his immaculate Ferrari F430 and cash in exchange for the project.

The car was carefully stored in the current owners dehumidified garage whilst he actively sought out a company with whom he could entrust the full restoration of his newly acquired Ferrari Dino.

In 2016 the owner attended the Barkaways Annual Open Day, he was so impressed that in October of the same year he commissioned a full two-year restoration of Chassis #05214.
The restoration took some 2000 hours and included the metal, body, chassis and paint work – chrome, interior, engine, gearbox, suspension and brakes.