Ferrari 246 Dino

April 2012 -

The winter months have seen a dramatic change in this 1970 London Motor show classic beauty, slowly seeing the return to its former glory. Steve has completed the immaculate and flawless body and paintwork, which gained much admiration at our open day. The car has been handed over to Ian and Matt to start the reassembly. Ian has completed the engine and gearbox rebuild, which now has new pistons, unleaded valve conversion for the heads and a rebuilt gearbox with all new syncro hubs. Matt has been working tirelessly on rewiring, spending many an hour upside down, inside and under the car. He has also been working on the suspension and brakes with components now overhauled and ready for fitting to the body. Weve also had the trimmer on site to start the refit of the interior. The project is moving at a steady pace and the owners frequent visits to the workshop strengthen his confidence and trust that the Ian and his team are close to delivering the vision that we are all working towards.

March 2012

During the winter months progress on the Dino has continued with the body being repainted; returning the car back to the full glory of it's original colour - Silver Grey.

The engine and gearbox rebuild is nearly complete. Final details and carburettors are yet to go before the complete engine assembly can be carefully installed back into the vehicle. As you can see Matt has been busy installing the rebuilt suspension units and is now focussing on the wiring loom whilst waiting for the refurbished chrome items to come back to us.

As the lights and glass are fitted this historic car is really starting to comeback to life.

November 2011

This very special Ferrari 246 GT Dino has been confirmed as the 1st RHD car and we have the original factory order showing the car was ordered for the 1970 London motor show.

We are currently restoring this historic car and as you can see, the body work proved to be in excellent condition once we had removed 30 years of paint.

The engine and gearbox are currently in the engine shop receiving full rebuilds, whilst Steve our in house panel beater is bringing the perfect Dino body lines back to this iconic car.

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