Ferrari 250 GT Lusso (1963)

JUNE 2014

July saw the start of the restoration process for this 1963 250GT Lusso with work commencing on the removal of components to get vehicle ready for media blasting.
To get the vehicle shell in a position for media blasting a myriad of components were removed, catalogued and safely stored. An example of items in the first wave of removal include the following:
Door trims
Door fixings
Dash clocks, gauges and switches
Chrome trims
Drop glasses
Window frames
Window regulators
Door locks
Heater box
Expansion tank
Brake calipers
Brake discs
Rear axle
Leaf springs
Fuel filter and pumps
Interior carpet
Wiring loom
Steering assembly
Front and rear windscreens
Nearside and offside doors

JULY 2014

The project continued in July with final preparations being made to get the vehicle ready for media blasting. Items such as the rear view mirror, roof lining, engine bay trims, coolant tank fixings, front bump stops, boot rubber and bonnet striker were removed.
Vehicle was then securely mounted to transporter trolley ready for collection and transportation to media blasters.


Whilst body work was ongoing, overhaul and refurbishment of mechanical components was started.
All parts were documented and sorted ready for either dry fitting, chroming, plating, specialist repair, painting, media blasting or refitting straight back onto the car. Brake calipers were sent for specialist overhaul and refurbishment. Rear shock absorbers stripped. Heater box and fan assembly were stripped and overhauled. The hubs were stripped from rear discs as was the steering column.
Spot lamps, handbrake cables, rear axle tubes and pedal box were also stripped.

Panels such as the bonnet and boot which were too delicate for media blasting were stripped of paint by hand. Areas of corrosion were removed from boot lid and new repair sections fabricated.
Following discussions with customer the decision was made to return this iconic car back to standard specification and gain Ferrari Classiche certification.