Ferrari 308 GTB

The Ferrari 308 is becoming a very sought after model. Even though the Ferrari factory made some 12,000 cars across the range between 1975 and 1985, certain models within the range are quite rare.

The model we are currently restoring is a 1979 steel body Ferrari 308 GTB dry sump car - one of only 211 right hand drive cars.

As you can see we are carrying out a total restoration on the car including body, trim, engine, gearbox, suspension and electrics.

Ian has completed the main engine rebuild which has incorporated forged pistons, balanced crankshaft and con rods and lead free valve conversion in the cylinder heads.

The bodyshell has now been completed ready for paint by Steve our in house panel beater. In a couple of weeks the car will be painted and ready for assembly by the team.

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