Ferrari 365 BB (1974)

January 2014

Following consultation with our customer the decision was made to change the vehicle colour and address areas of bodywork.

In order to allow for paintwork to commence the vehicle required stripping. The rear clam was stripped and inner arch panels removed. Both the driver and passenger doors were stripped of all components and rear leather trim were removed allowing access to the rear glasses. The door glass and rear windows were then removed wrapped and safely stored. To complete the strip down the seats and carpets were removed.

The next stage of the project was to remove all existing paint from the vehicle shell. This was achieved by gently heating small areas of the paint at a time and using a hand scraper to remove the layers of paint. This process was carried out on the front and rear clams, roof, doors and lower sills.

With all paint removed from the vehicle small repairs were carried out to the front bumper, roof and the near side door shut before levelling work was started on the roof.

February and March

The project continued with repair and levelling work being carried out to the front bumper, roof, front windscreen pillars and the nearside door skin.

With specialist aluminium repairs completed on the rear clam; levelling work was started on rear clam ensuring that all lines were clean and gapping correct.

With vehicle panel being worked on in the body shop the main body of the car was returned to the main workshop in preparation of the engine being removed allowing for cambelts service to be carried out.


Doors were refitted to the body shell and adjustments carried out to ensure gapping and closure were correct.

To aid in customer decision with regards to paint colour choice a section of a sample bumper was sprayed and discussions held with customer.

Various trim panels were levelled and primed in preparation for being painted and then fitted to vehicle.

May and June

Whilst the engine was removed it was decided that the cam belts were due for changing and a general tidy up of the engine bay.

The project continued throughout May and June with further levelling work being carried out and the dry fitting of components such as headlamps, front clam grills and bumpers to ensure correct alignment.

With final levelling complete the vehicle body along with front and rear clams were extensively cleaned and panel wiped before applying necessary masking ready for primer and paint.

Final cleaning of bodywork was carried out before painting the main body, clams and doors in Ferrari Blu Chiaro. Before applying a clear coat lacquer.

Jan 2015

Following on from the repaint in 2014 the car is not back with us as customer requested an overhaul of all four corners of suspension.