Ferrari Daytona (1971)

This 1970 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 is now undergoing a full restoration by the team here at Barkaways. The car is receiving an engine and gearbox rebuild as well as a complete body restoration and interior work. This is a rare, early car featuring fixed headlights behind a plexiglass cover, unlike the later cars that had pop-up headlights. This makes this restoration even more special.

You can follow the progress of this project via our website and also via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

October 2012 -

Progress has been made on the Daytona project since our first announcement. The team have been busy stripping the engine ready for the rebuild to commence. After splitting the heads, the block has now been painted along with other components including the sump, bell housing and front cover.

The engine bay and front end of the car have been partially stripped, and the team are currently getting to work inspecting components for refurbishment.

November 2012 -

During November work has continued on the engine. On removal of the remaining exhaust and inlet valves we have found some of the valve guides to have slightly more movement in them than expected.

The gasket surface of the heads has been skimmed and refaced.

Work has also started on the main body of the car. All the suspension, brakes, pipe work and ancillary items within the engine bay have been removed. All suspension and hub assemblies have been dismantled and old bushes pressed out of wishbones and upright components.

On inspection of the chassis, we found four outriggers requiring replacement due to corrosion and poor previous repairs.