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Arnold Motor Carriage

5th April 2017

Barkaways is not the only business of its kind to successfully trade at the Arnolds Business Park.  Over 100 years ago the Arnold Motor Carriage Company manufactured the ‘Arnold’ automobile here at Branbridges East Peckham.

Walter Arnold produced his first vehicle at his established engineering works in 1896. He went on to manufacture a dozen vehicles, all were based closely on the German Benz motor.  The Arnold Motor Carriages were one of the pioneering British makes and in fact the first production cars to be made in the UK.

These remarkable vehicles could travel well above the speed limit of 2mph and indeed Walter Arnold himself is reported to have received the first speeding conviction in this country for driving at a reckless 8mph through Paddock Wood.

Just as Award Winning Ferraris are being restored here today, back in 1896 the Arnold motor car was exhibited at the National Motor show and was the winner of the London to Brighton race that year. One example of these cars still remains and is known fondly as “Adam”.  Adam was on display at the National Motor Museum until 2001 when it was sold at Bonhams to a private owner. More recently it returned to the 2016 London to Brighton event.