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Store your car with us

5th November 2021

Looking for somewhere to store your car in Kent or close to London whilst having it looked after with the uppermost care?

Our secure storage unit is on site with our workshop and bodyshop and whenever you need your car out - whether it is for a weekend drive, or something longer - our experienced team will check your car over - tyre pressures, oil and water levels and even give it a short test drive if required.

With lots of classic and supercar owners already making use of our car storage service, we currently only have three spots remaining.

✓ Short or long term storage options available.
✓ We will get your car ready for you when you need it.
✓ Not just for your Ferrari - we store all marques.
✓ Your car looked after with the care and attention you would expect from the team at Barkaways.

Covered standing car storage - £42 + VAT per week.
Air chamber car storage - £49 + VAT per week.

Secure your space now on 01622 872100 or accounts@barkaways.com